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A Kaleidoscope of the New India

India is an incredible kaleidoscope of a vibrant democracy with compellingly young demographics, remarkable development within stunning diversity. Incredible India@60! celebrated our arrival at the 60th milestone.

A magnificent four days of events, seminars, cultural activities and exhibitions were organized in New York from 23-26 September concurrent with the United Nations General Assembly. Incredible India@60, jointly conducted by both the Ministry of Tourism and Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), showcased the power of partnership between the government and the corporate sector in India, coming together in innovative ways for India’s development and growth. A galaxy of ministers from the Government of India, top international business leaders, and captains of Indian industry brought the best of India to the watching world. This unique campaign encompassed eight ministries, eight overseas partners, 41 events - combining four gala dinners, 13 conferences and panel discussions, 9 cultural performances, 7 receptions and 8 ongoing events for all four days.

Click here to read a retrospective on the four day event.

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